Security Fences – Barbed Wire and Bollards

Barbwire and Razor Ribbon

For when you need maximum security for your fences, we offer both barbwire and razor ribbon. Razor ribbon comes in a single coil of 18”, 24” and 36.” We also offer Super Maze alternating double coil razor ribbon. Finally, we offer Ulta Barrier Razor Strips. Make sure your enclosure is safe with barbwire or razor ribbon.


Bollards provide protection and traffic control. The removable, lockable posts are used to close a road, path or secured area from vehicle traffic, while letting pedestrian traffic through. They are commonly found at places such as schools and college campuses, where traffic is discouraged normally in favor of letting students walk, but still allows the occasional vehicle to pass. Alternatively, permanent, concrete-filled bollards are available for paths that will not be open to vehicles and only have pedestrians. Interior-flanged pipe bollards are also available. We offer heavy-duty galvanized bollards with optional paint/powder coating. They measure between 2 ⅞” OD to 12 ¾” OD.

• Removable and Lockable
• Permanent Concrete Filled
• Pipe Bollards – Interior Flanged
• Heavy-Duty Galvanized
• Painted/Powder Coated