Woven Wire Panel Fences

Provide security to sensitive areas and be more visually attractive than the standard chain link fence with wire mesh partitions, either welded or woven. The fence comes in a standard grey or black, but can also be powered coated to meet you color specifications, such as blending in with the surrounding foliage by having green-colored fencing. Modular construction of wire mesh allows for simple and convenient changes and re-configuring for any of your fencing needs. Because of its versatility and strength, wire mesh fencing can be installed and used in many applications, such as:

• Prevent unwanted access to secure areas
• Medical equipment and supply storage
• Secure Storage Areas
• Interior lab walls
• Data centers
• Garages
• Bonded areas
• Raised computer floors
• Offices

Ornamental Welded Wire Fence 

Welded wire is state-of-the-art fencing.  Attractive, contemporary and modern design designs for corporate, schools, amusement and public parks and any outdoor areas requiring fencing. It is also excellent for outdoor pet areas, or keeping animals out of gardens. We offer a variety of brands for your ornamental welded wire fence, including Omega, Design Master, Leggi, Secur, Orsogril, and more.